Is Kick The Buddy Remastered Offline?

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Are you wondering if is kick the buddy remastered offline? Let’s have an in-depth review of its features. Playgendary Limited’s publisher has released an arcade game called Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD APK. The Buddy puppet will allow you to vent your frustrations and woes on him. Isn’t it worth playing a game that relieves the mood gently like this?

 Is Kick The Buddy Remastered Offline?

Is Kick The Buddy Remastered Offline?

Yes, Kick the Buddy Remastered is an offline game. You do not need to purchase internet bundles to play this fun arcade game.

Stress Remover:

It’s a game that will make all your rage and frustration melt away. Simply because it provides you with a spot, or rather, a thing, to freely unleash your rage without consequence. The Buddy, a cute cloth dummy, is the primary character. And you, as the owner, have complete control over your Buddy. After that, your real-life tension will begin to subside.

A Quite Good Gameplay:

The gameplay is fairly straightforward. Your Buddy allows you to perform various acts such as shooting, hurling Halloween pumpkins, and utilizing saw blades or lasers. Your mission is to strike Buddy as much as possible since standing still is difficult once you start hitting it. Buddy will run and hop about, sometimes so fast that you won’t be able to aim. You can also read about how do I install kick the buddy?

Multiple Options:

You will be sent to Buddy’s Notepad, similar to the game’s main menu. There are thousands of things to discover in Buddy’s notepad: stuff, profiles, decorations, extras. Each area has a bizarre assortment of goods.

Animals, sports, horror, power of gods, Jack O’Lantern, wooden sticks, roles in various tricks or treats, and explosions, for example, may be found in the Stuffs area. There are several weapons in Explosion: the Beretta pistol, Coonan Uzi, Tommy, M16, AK47, Musket, and Spas 2.

You may customize your Buddy dummy regarding clothing, form, and surroundings. The weapon choices are the most intriguing. Depending on your thoughts and interests, you will have many options for ‘torturing’ Buddy. Some goods are always available. However, many items must be unlocked at a specific stage.

But don’t worry, the various products provided in each round will be sufficient for you.

Can you imagine what you will do with the Buddy Dummy if you read the Explosions? You can use explosives to blow up Buddy’s carton, shoot, hurl sharp weapons (like a machete), heavy stuff (like Halloween pumpkins), and freeze. You may even perform fanciful items like summon the gods to ‘look after Buddy.

Graphics & Sounds:

Quick hands and quick eyes are essential for victory. When you hit Buddy directly, the dummy will respond differently. He yells “huiza huiza” when shot by a rifle and “yahoo yahoo” when hit by a mace. Buddy generates loud and noisy sounds for tantalizing when he lies quietly, and you do nothing to him. Spatial visuals are straightforward but elegant. The combined effect of fire and explosion is potent in addition to the regular hum and sound of being hit. 

The Buddy dummy is “adorned” with injury make-up such as cuts, bruises, and burns. Worse, his body is strained. When you encounter these scenes, your rage may subside significantly.


  • Unlimited coins & gems.
  • It’s easy to understand and play.
  • Funny game
  • Multiple costumes


Suitable for 12+ children.

How To Download Kick The Buddy Remastered Mod Apk?

This section provides a step-by-step guide to free downloading kick the buddy remastered mod apk.

  • Go to Google Chrome and type “kick the buddy remastered mod apk download for free.”
  • Click on download to get the game’s file manager folder.
  • Now go to the file manager and find the game icon.
  • Click on the game icon to install the game.
  • Now go to your device’s settings and tick on allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to the game and install it.
  • Congratulations, now you can enjoy free kick the buddy remastered mod apk.


This informative post is about is kick the buddy remastered offline. We explained its features and provided a modified version of the Kick the Buddy Mod apk in remastered. You will enjoy playing this game via login with your Facebook id. For more updates and information, keep on visiting our website.

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