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Are you wondering about is kick the buddy kid friendly? Then gear up. We have top-notch information about it you will not find anywhere else. So, kick the buddy mod apk is not kid friendly. It’s for 12+ children and is only suitable for adults. Let’s have a look at why it’s like that.

Is Kick The Buddy Kid Friendly?

What Is Kick The Buddy?

Kick the Buddy is a game in which participants beat a destructible puppet to death. The Buddy is a tension reliever game in which participants inflict abuse on a puppet-like creature with their choice of the weapon until it is knocked unconscious, explodes, or killed. 

Kick the Buddy provides a 3-day free trial, followed by subscription levels. This software will necessitate several additional activities for users to proceed, such as watching promotional videos. A three-day free trial is provided, following which customers must select a membership level. 

Each subscription plan unlocks 20 weapons and 20 costumes, disables advertisements, and provides 1,000 Cash in-game cash and 100 gold daily. Those seeking a more visual encounter can pay $4.99 to have blood injected into the mix.

It also has themed goods like China Town, Office, Horror, and Power of Gods. Kick the Buddy players can buy weapons with game cash, although many are accessible for “free” through watching videos, subscribing to the app’s Instagram profile, or inviting friends. In-app purchases are available throughout the Kick the Buddy app, allowing players to stock up on money, diamonds, and other desirable products ranging in price from $0.99 to $9.99.

Players receive Bucks, gold, and weapon upgrades as daily play awards and after each combat. You will also love to read why was kick the buddy forever removed?

Is Kick The Buddy Kid Friendly?

The Kick the Buddy app is intended for users aged 12 and up and involves inflicting harm on Buddy. The puppet-like figure enters, flopping around on stage, answering in short, funny comments. The buddy app’s encouraging violence and graphic nature are unsuitable for children of any age.

Kick the Buddy gives players a variety of injury-inflicting tools to employ as Buddy flops around screaming “Enough!”, “Stop!” and “The anguish!” Go to Buddy’s Notepad to get torture devices and weapons and choose “Stuff” from the menu.

Kick Buddy’s weapon arsenal includes firearms, cold weaponry, explosions, domestic items, meals for missiles, liquids, especially acid, and machinery.

Therefore, this game can be harmful to kids. They can apply this stuff in real life. So, teach your children first; this is only a game, then let them play it and enjoy it.


  • A funny gameplay
  • Best graphics
  • Multiple weapons and costumes
  • Excellent sound effects
  • Stress reliever
  • A good time pass


  • It is only for 12+ kids.


Kick the buddy mod apk is a funny and full of excitement game. In which you will forget your anger, rage, and stress by beating up the dummy for no reason. If you hate someone, then do not hurt him. Just imagine that dummy is him and smash, kick, and throw explosives at it. You will not regret playing it. You can share your kick the buddy playin video on facebook, and youtue.

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