How Do I install Kick The Buddy? A Step To Step Guide-2022

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Are you getting confused about how do I install kick the Buddy? No more worries; we will provide you with a simple guide to downloading Kick The Buddy mod apk on all devices worldwide.

Kick the Buddy is an exciting, fun game that allows you to have a great time beating the buddy and feel stress-free. Let’s learn more about the game. 

How Do I install Kick The Buddy?

What’s New In Kick The Buddy?

Kick the Buddy mod apk is a funny, enjoyable, and fantastic game that lets you pass your time with great pleasure. It brings some happy moments in your stressful life with great features like new weapons, dresses, and unlocking new levels. You can also look at is kick the buddy free?

Best Ways To Kick The Buddy:

If you choose to play this game, remember that it may be pretty addicting, and you will live a better life. There are several ways to kick the companion and punish him. First, you must realize that the more damage you inflict on Buddy, the more coins you’ll gain to spend on fresh and innovative ways to attack him!

Bomb Kick The Buddy:

Wouldn’t it be much fun if you couldn’t explode a nuclear bomb in front of Buddy’s head? This is one of the utmost methods to punish Buddy, yet it ends quickly. You could choose a less stressful method of hitting him.

Hit The Buddy With A Stick: 

This may be considered one of the most stress-relieving methods to discipline Buddy. Taking a baseball bat or stick and bashing Buddy’s head in will provide fleeting moments of ecstasy that are as delicate as a lightly frozen cloud ready to change into snow.

The serenity of crushing Buddy’s skull while pretending it’s a person you don’t like would put you to sleep comfortably, curled in bed like a baby.

Get Dinosaurs To Strangle The Buddy To Death:

You may make dinosaurs bite ropes around Buddy’s neck to strangle him. You might also try releasing a swarm of wild animals or a swarm of furious bats on Buddy. There are several ways to combine your love of animals into tormenting Buddy. You’ll enjoy it.

How Do I Install Kick The Buddy?

You can get kick the Buddy in simple and easy steps provided below: we have shared details about how do I install kick the Buddy on all devices. Please read carefully before going to install it.

How Do I Install Kick The Buddy Mod Apk On Android?

To install kick the buddy mod apk on Android, kindly follow the steps:

  • Go to google chrome and search for “kick the buddy mod apk download free.”
  • Click on the top website or go to our website, Buddies apk. 
  • Press the download button provided on the page and wait for a second.
  • Your downloading will start in a short time. If it does not start, go to another page and try the other download buttons.
  • There will be a pop-up you are restricted to downloading from unknown sources.
  • Go > Mobile Setting > Downloading from unknown sources > click Yes.
  • Now move to the File manager folder.
  • If your mobile has no such folder, install it from the play store.
  • Now search for kick the buddy mod apk and click on it and install the game.
  • Congratulations! Now you can enjoy kick the buddy mod apk on your mobile phone/Android.

How Do I Install Kick The Buddy Mod Apk On PC?

To install the Buddy Mod apk on PC, primarily download MEmu Emulator on pc. MEmu Play is the most excellent Android emulator, with over 100 million users enjoying its awesome Android gaming experience.

The MEmu virtualization Application allows you to play thousands of Android games on your PC, including the most graphically demanding ones.

  • Go to the MEmu emulator on your pc.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Now move to Google Chrome and write “kick the buddy mod apk.”
  • Download the file we provided above.
  • Now go to the downloads and click on install.
  • You can enjoy kick the buddy mod apk on your PCs now.


Our central vision is to deliver the exact information about how do I install kick the Buddy. And a step-to-step guide for our viewers. Our modified version will provide extra benefits like; free coins, unlimited money, and free gems membership. You also can connect your Gmail account to your game.

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