Is Kick The Buddy Free? Latest Guide-2022

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Do you want to know is kick the buddy free? We gathered all information about this fantastic game known as kick the buddy mod apk. Many people think that kick the buddy is not a free game. They like playing simple and multiple free applications like candy crush or ludo, but they get bored after completing a few levels.

But kick the buddy will get more interested while leveling up. Let’s have a little review about is kick the buddy free.

is kick the buddy free?

What Is Kick The Buddy App?

Kick the buddy mod apk is an incredible arcade and action game in which you will have a buddy surrounded in a box, and you need to beat him up until he doesn’t knock him down. You will get the reward in the exchange, and you can use those rewards and money to purchase different weapons and costumes to apply to your buddy.

Why Is Kick The Buddy Free?

Kick the buddy mod apk is a wholly free and fun game developed and launched by Playgendary for people suffering from anxiety, depression, and anger issues. You don’t need to purchase it; you can simply use our modified version below free of cost. You will also love reading about how do you unlock all the weapons in kick the buddy?

Features Of Kick The Buddy Free:

Kick the buddy mod apk has multiple exclusive features you will love to explore below.

  • Free of cost:

Kick the buddy mod apk is a completely free game. Now you do not have to spend a penny on it. You can play it on mobile, pc, and iOS for free.

  • Graphics:

Graphic visualization is a great feature in this game. You will find a friendly environment in kick the buddy mod apk. It makes you feel like an authentic experience. You will not get bored playing this fun game and can see its popularity among people, with 10m+ users downloading just because of its excellent graphics.

  • Avatar:

You can change avatars anytime, free of cost. With leveling up, you will get some great avatars with other benefits. You can use these avatars as suitable to your mood and situation. Go to the avatar menu and select avatar as you like.

  • Free Slot Machine:

Another awesome feature is a free slot machine. You will allow using this slot machine once a day. Simply roll it, and it will stop at your prize. You can use it daily to get free coins, money, diamonds, and many more.

  • Free ads:

To get free rewards, you will have to watch free ads. At the corner of the left side, you will find the option to click on the ad and watch it for a few seconds, and you will be rewarded with many exclusive rewards.

  • Daily free coins:

In this feature, you will get free unlimited coins. When you beat up the buddy, you get a reward box. The bigger the weapon you use, the bigger the box you’ll get. This reward box contains coins and money for free of cost.


  • Fun game
  • Free of cost
  • Free coins and money and diamond membership
  • Simple to understand and play


  • Some features can be an in-app purchase.

How To Download Kick The Buddy Free?

Here, you can download kick the buddy mod apk for free. Kindly follow the steps provided below:

  • Go to google chrome and write “kick the buddy mod apk for free download.”
  • There will be multiple pages appearing to choose one of them, or you can redirect to our page to download our modified and latest version.
  • Click on the download.
  • Your download will start in a while.
  • There will be a pop that these files will harm your device.
  • You need not worry. Go to your device’s settings.
  • Search for the option “Download from the unknown sources,” tick on it, and go back to your device’s file manager.
  • Find and kick the buddy mod apk file, click on it, and install it.
  • Now you can enjoy this fun and exciting game without any problems.


We created this informational blog to help you with your query: kick the buddy free? We will not share any harmful or damaged files with our users. So, feel free to download our modified version of kick the buddy mod apk. You can also share your gameplay progress among Facebook and Instagram communities.

For additional information or updates, kindly visit our website. Thanks!

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